The 'synod' Orthodox priests' spouses: young ones, parishes, an ever-absent spouse

The ‘synod’ Orthodox priests’ spouses: young ones, parishes, an ever-absent spouse

The Orthodox Church has always admitted the uxorato priesthood. The priests’ spouses are called matushki (the “mothers”). The conference would not raise protests or needs, but taken to light the complex dilemmas these ladies face.

Kiev (AsiaNews) – the very first great Forum that is ukrainian of priests’ spouses happened in Kiev prior to Overseas Women’s Day. The Orthodox Church has constantly admitted the uxorato priesthood in pastoral solution (the bishops are celibate, generally speaking from monasticism). Over one hundred matushki (the “mothers”, given that spouses regarding the batjushki are known as, the “papine” priests) participated making their own families and parishes for the day or two to talk about their dilemmas freely.

Usually the matushki are presented as really reserved ladies

Totally focused on their big families (priestly families are often extremely fruitful, and kiddies usually stay static in the “priestly caste”), whilst in church they become serious guardians of control and of the countless mandatory guidelines of conduct for going to long Orthodox liturgies (covered mind, appropriate garments, place of fingers and human body). […]