Queen of Cosplay

Queen of Cosplay

Photography by Brian B. Hayes – @brianbhayes_photos

PR by 917PR – @917pr

Makeup products by Andrew Saint Andrew – @andrewsaintandrew

Swimwear by ZAFUL

Meet up with the Holly that is vivacious Wolf. Whenever this gorgeous woman isn’t gaming or preparing on her next photoshoot she’s enjoying a great cosplay session or relaxing in the home watching her favorite animes. “In addition love films and video gaming, and I also fork out a lot of the time watching and playing! Oh and makeup products and tech goodies… ugh love them! ” she says.

Hey Holly, you’re searching absolutely amazing, anyway, might you reveal a little bit you grew up about yourself, where you’re from and where? Well, as you know i’m Holly Wolf, I’m a woman from Canada, whom really loves game titles, art, and traveling! I spent my youth in a smaller sized town about hour north of Toronto, and went to university for musical movie movie theater! I’ve been trained in dance, performing, and acting, and want to be inventive as much as possible! We lived within the populous city of Toronto for quite some time, while traveling all over the globe to places such as for example Italy, Spain, therefore the Philippines!

What exactly are a number of your hobbies that are favorite interest besides modeling? I enjoy cosplay and have now made my passion into a big section of my career, along with modeling and creating content! I additionally want to garden, recently i purchased a residence, and also been spending so much time in order to make my new garden room appearance because gorgeous as you are able to… moreover it doubles as a pretty location for photoshoots into the summer!

Exactly exactly How did your job in modeling begin? I studied the arts and spent years after college in a dance company that traveled and did events all across Canada and internationally like I have mentioned. […]